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Get a touch of the tropics at your place

Plants can transport you to a tropical island, a desert landscape or an exotic steamy jungle. If overseas adventures aren’t on the cards for you right now, why not add a splash of vibrant colour, tropical fruit to create your own holiday paradise at home?

With careful planning, it is possible to recreate the decadent feel of a luxury resort in your own Auckland garden. True, the weather may not always be the same as on your Bali holiday, but many of the wonderful bold, bright colours, textures, and shapes of the plants you admired from your Southeast Asian poolside cabana will thrive here.

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A jungle vibe in Tamaki Makaurau

The knowledgeable team at Church Street Garden Central can help you create a jungle vibe, using big leaves and exotic-looking flowers right here in Tamaki Makaurau. Subtropical plants need to be appealing and hardy. To survive here they have to be able to endure heat, humidity, heavy rains, and drought. As subtropicals tend to grow quite quickly in Auckland, you’ll need to take some care as to where to place plants both in terms of sun and shade. Our experts can help with plant selection, practical planning, and advice on care and maintenance.

Subtropical planting to take you away

When it comes to creating a tropical wonderland, plant the larger feature plants, such as palms and subtropical trees, first. Dramatic hardy palms provide deep greens and unique textures and create an appropriate sense of scale.

Next, we can help with the mid-level species that can grow under the shade canopy. These may be smaller palms, tree ferns or bright flowering subtropicals, such as Bird-of-paradise or Strelitzia – an evergreen with year-round eye-catching blooms – hibiscus or gardenias. These colourful beauties contrast nicely with philodendrom xanadu or agave plants. As the garden develops, there are a myriad of lower-growing subtropicals, such as bromeliads or iresines, which will add to the true tropical lushness of your garden.

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