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The pleasure dome for pot plant lovers

There’s something so very pleasant about walking into a home filled with plants. Lovely, lush potted plants add extra zen and make houses, apartments, decks, patios and courtyards feel leafy and peaceful.

Our aim at Church Street Garden Central is to fill up Auckland homes and outdoor areas with gorgeous pots and plants: big and small. From ficus to focus to pothos to cacti to snake plants and olives to hanging baskets, we have something for every space.





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Besotted with the potted?

At Church Street Garden Central we don’t just stop by providing you with plants though. We can help design your entire container or hanging garden. Whether you have a backyard big enough for palms, or only room for a few lovely succulents all lined up on a windowsill, our beautiful artisanal pots for plants can complement the look of your green babies and add an extra bit of style.

Be inspired and go potty

Container plants are much more portable than in-ground plants, plus growing plants in containers can open you up to plants that may not otherwise work with your garden. Our team of plant professionals can help with what to grow, where to grow it and how to keep your container gardens happy and healthy.

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More than just lovely homes for plants

Garden pots are more than just containers for your plants and our selection of indoor and outdoor planters and pots for plants is huge. We have recycled plastic, glazed, terracotta and lightweight pots and planters from across New Zealand as well as locations such as Vietnam, Holland, Italy and Thailand. Shelves, surfaces and all available floor space are covered in fabulous planters and pot collections.

Build your own urban jungle

But why have just one potted plant, when you could have a fabulous outdoor pot cluster? We can help you put together stunning clusters of pots for plants in different shapes, sizes, heights, textures, colours and tones for both inside and out that show off your tall, short, lush, flowering, prickly, compact or trailing plants and really make the most of them.

And pots don’t all have to be sitting at the same level. To get depth and a layered effect, use a plant stand or clay-fired pot feet. To protect your flooring or wooden decking we also have a range of saucers in a myriad of colours and sizes.