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landscape plants nz

Landscaping plants and trees for every outdoor space

At Church Street Garden Central we believe in making your home or business more tranquil at an affordable price. With over 30 years’ experience, we can help with strategic landscaping advice and planting for your Auckland property that won’t break the bank.

Landscaping for less

Our multibuy options on landscaping plants and trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, hedging and groundcovers let you stretch your dollar to cover even more outdoor space. Your property’s living space covers much more than just the inside rooms. We can help you turn your backyard into a completely functional room in itself and find a balance between cost and impact through effective and inexpensive landscaping ideas.

landscaping plants nz
landscaping plants

Low-maintenance landscaping

Life is busy and for many of us, recreation time is at a premium. Talk to us about landscape design that uses plant groupings, mulching and ornamental plants to keep watering, weeding, fertilising and ongoing garden maintenance to a minimum.

We can suggest planting appropriate to the climate and environment where you live. Hardy, low-maintenance plants including Muehlenbeckia, Star jasmine, Lomandra grasses – for example – and hardy natives able to handle dry summer soils, yet do not mind wet feet over winter.

Get great gardens for less

Spending some time researching landscaping plants that are naturally compatible with the climate in your area means you’ll spend less money on watering, less money on feeding and less time on maintenance. That’s why savvy gardeners see Mark and his team at Church Street Garden Central in Onehunga for advice and great, low-cost landscaping for less.

landscaping plants nz

Get great gardens for less

Choosing landscaping plants and trees based on their expected height means you can use naturally tall plants to set a backdrop, block your view of the neighbours or get protection from wind. Ficus tuffi, lilly pilly and screening olives are ideal options while pohutukawa, kowhai, Titoki and nikau will attract birds and inject life and music into your backyard.

If you’re a gardener who believes plants should be left to grow without interference, we can advise on careful spacing to ensure that what you plant can fully grow without getting crowded out.