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Problem solvers: Ground cover plants

Whether you’re a passionate gardener, a dabbler or a gardener who enjoys a beautiful, landscaped space from the comfort of your outdoor sofa, you all probably share one thing in common: a dislike of weeds. 

Ground cover plants take up all the space that weeds usually steal while bringing a whole heap of other benefits to your garden.

Covering all the bases

Ground covers prevent weed seed germination, retain moisture, control erosion, and form a living mulch creating a happy place for bees and butterflies while adding foliage, colour, flowers or scent. We have a great range of native, flowering, scented, edible, creeping, carpeting, edging, and fringing ground cover plants for sale.

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(Maybe grown as a Groundcover)

Ground covers – the more attractive, environmentally friendly choice

While grass is the most common way to fill out empty spaces, we think low-growing plants are just a better option. The right ground cover will accentuate the plants near it and reduce the amount of lawn care, noise-polluting petrol-sucking lawnmower use and fertilisers needed. You’ll also fix your garden’s trouble spots and give weeds the heave-ho without using loads of herbicides. By investing in some serious low-maintenance gardening, you’ll be planting for the greater good of the environment and the community.





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The right ground cover plant is a saving grace

To qualify for being a very cool, low-maintenance groundcover, however, plants need to be vigorous enough to fill in an area but not be so vigorous they become a nuisance. They should offer some sort of visual interest, providing an attractive background for their more vertical counterparts behind them and be dead easy to grow.

Help, advice and ground cover plants for sale

If you’re not sure which ground covers to get for your place, it’s not surprising; there are so many options to choose from. So, talk to the experts at Church Street Garden Central about which ground cover plants will work for your garden. They’ll give you a helping hand with what to select and tips on garden design while they’re at it.

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