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The extensive tree and shrub selection out the front of our plant centre is fast making Church Street Garden Central Auckland’s leading hedging destination.

We can solve your privacy and landscaping woes and help turn your garden into a calming and soothing space where you can shrug off the stresses of everyday life.

Don’t settle for something as mundane as a wooden fence

Hedges can be the walls of your outdoor room. Tall planting such as palms, upright shrubs and trees can screen off unwanted sights. They can hide what lurks behind with a gentle swish of stems and a rustle of leaves while enhancing landscaping, attracting birds, and giving your garden colour and texture. Hedges can filter the wind, cool a hot courtyard, absorb and deflect sound or help stabilise ground where erosion is a worry.

hedging plants new zealand
hedging plants auckland

All the best plants for hedges

Available in a range of sizes and varieties, we have all the best plants for hedges: natives, exotics, and our wildly popular Ficus Tuffi, which can be planted as a layered hedge alongside Buxus for a formal look or topiaried and grown in gorgeous containers. But hedging doesn’t have to be limited to bright emerald green foliage. We also have flowering and scented plants, such as gardenias and murraya paniculata, hedging with colourful foliage, prickly security hedges, or even hedges that bear fruit, such as feijoas.

Hedge your bets by talking to the experts

All our hedging plants and shrubs have been lovingly tended by the team under the guidance of Mark, the self-confessed plantaholic. Even though hedging plants tend to be pretty tough, choosing the right hedging for your place is key and we’ll help you select the best hedging plants based on the particular environment in which they will be grown. Many hedge plants, such as NZ native plants, don’t like being water-logged, so we’ll ask about soil, drainage, sunlight, wind, available space and how high you’d like your hedge to grow to ensure you get the best plants for hedges at your place.

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