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Mulch and compost – powerful gardeners’ friends

Mulch is to the soil above ground what compost is to plants below ground. 

Usually associated with outdoor gardening, a layer of mulch can make your landscape beds look really sharp, but that is just an added bonus. The benefits of mulch run much deeper than beauty alone. As well as helping to keep weeds under control by blocking sunlight so they grow long, spindly and easier to pull out, mulch helps to retain moisture while insulating roots. Mulch also provides a home for worms who feed on decaying making soil loose and friable.

Mulch and compost
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Mulching potted plants

Just as it does for outdoor plants, mulching can mean less frequent watering. It can help prevent moisture loss while providing vital nutrients. Mulch such as stones, wood chips, sand, or shells can also be decorative, adding a touch of style and making your indoor plants look even better.

Due to regular watering, even the best potting mix gets depleted of essential nutrients over time. We recommend topping up your containers every six months with 2-3 cm of  Container mix with the addition of slow release specific to your potted plants. Quality does matter, not all mixes are made equal but rets assured our Plant Professional’s will guide  you with their knowledge and expertise.

Planting mixes matter

All planting mixes are not created equal. A poor-quality potting mix can be too dense, suffocating roots and impeding the flow of water and nutrients. At Church Street Garden Central we sell high-quality, light, fluffy planting mixes: potting mixes without fillers that hold moisture and keeps the soil from becoming too compacted. Container plants should be regularly re-potted into containers of fresh potting mix. Ask about our organic, bio-certified compost and potting mix in 30L bags.

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