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We hand-pick each plant and sell house plants for full sun to a shady spot. Ask us about a plant and we’ll first get an idea of where you want to grow it. How much sunlight is available? Is it going to sit on a windowsill? How much filtered light will it receive? How often can you realistically commit to watering and feeding it? Are you looking to enhance a bedroom, lounge, kitchen or bathroom? The staff at our Garden Centeral has extensive expertise and can provide precise details on the plants in their care so you can find the potted beauty that’s right for your place. You’ll see from our reviews that when they want help with buying pot plants NZers and not-so-new greenery enthusiasts come and see Tania.


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Greenery that’s good for the soul

There’s a sense of peace that can be found in a space full of leaves; everybody just feels better with plants around. They make a house a home while purifying the air. You simply cannot put together a comfortable, personality-filled place to live without some living, breathing, growing foliage. Potted plants, big or small, prickly or lush, should be a fully integrated aspect of your decor. When they’re on the hunt for new and exciting pot plants NZ green and not-so-green-fingered folk head for Church Street Garden Central.

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Bring a touch of the outdoors in

Auckland’s largest house plant retailer, our garden centre is a treasure trove of all things potted. We stock everything from hanging plants, harder-to-kill plants, pet-safe plants, and crowd-pleasing favourites to the hard-to-find, exotic, new and exclusively released plants.

With so much selection, it can be hard to choose the perfect plant. But don’t panic. With the right advice and care, almost any plant can be grown in a pot or container.

NZ plant addicts come to Church Street Garden Central because our garden store is quite literally packed to the rafters. We stock beginner-friendly, low-maintenance greenery that can survive your occasional neglect to relatively high-maintenance pot plants that offer a lot of personality and zest. From pothos to hoyas, fiddle leaf figs to philodendrons and monstera plants to trailing rhipsalis plants to rare plants, we’ve got you covered.

potted plants nz